[Bell Historians] Unusual clock chimes

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Hello again Alan you visited Saint Chads the other week. it is unlikely to be a 
brewery as they tended to favour steam whistles but hat isn't to say it isn't a 
brewery. someone who may know is the person at this email  address his name 
is Stuart shutchieson at ZXFCP9OPxItJQ7m48tIbQaGGg66vaGt3G8mQaR19-dpCfWpqMrdmWNYtJDp0-y3j2YTO6IyRZzwureCwTsT90daV49og.yahoo.invalid

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While on the Burton on Trent theme, I have an incomplete G&J record. 
Serial No 284; 22"; 2-0-4; 1879 for a Mr St...[unreadable) . Does anyone know 
where this one might be? Could be a factory or brewery. 


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