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Also I would be delighted if anyone could supply me with photos!

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I saw this bell in the tower on 31 May 1971. I was travelling from Leicester 
with Andrew Wilby to a ringers' get-together at chez David Wilford at Hilton, 
near Burton. Driving past the church - which had already been partially 
demolished - we found that the site was more or less unprotected and saw that 
the tower door was open. No H&S in those days! We climbed up the steps to the 
bell chamber, where we found someone else up there already - clearly not working 
for the demolition contractor as it was a Sunday afternoon on a Bank Holiday 
weekend! He offered to sell us the bell for some ridiculously cheap price
At the time I noted: “At the church of the Holy Trinity, Burton , which was 
being demolished, there was a large single bell cast by Taylors in 1887 weighing 
40-0-26. It was fitted with TW/EH/PG/PB/ ECA. It had not been swung for many 
years, and its sale is now imminent”. I later saw the bell (marked 40-0-5 in 
chalk) in Taylors ’ foundry at Loughborough, on 28 June 1972. 

The previous Holy Trinity bell (Taylor 1869) later became the tenor as Goole, as 
already noted.
There is a contemporary account of the spire and bell: The handsome spire of 
this church has now been completed. It cost £1000; and is the gift of a 
parishioner. A magnificent bell, weighing 42 cwt, has been placed in the tower. 
The entire cost (£300) was collected by a committee of working men, resident in 
the town of Burton and neighbourhood (Lichfield Diocesan Church Calendar 1888 
“record of the Diocese 1887” p.151)
Another story about this bell concerns Ron Dove, who worked at one of the Burton 
breweries in the 1920s. I think it concerns this bell (not completely sure as I 
don't know whether Holy Trinity had a clock), but certainly a large bell in 
Burton. Being over 2 tons, the Holy Trinity bell was in the Great Bells list in 
earlier editions of Dove. I once asked him about it, and he said "I remember 
that bell. I was 'nesting' with a redhead in a house nearby, and when the clock 
struck 2 I thought I had better leave. I rushed out, and it was only when I got 
home I realised I'd left my bicycle behind"

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