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Youghal has a bit of history and had the (dubious ?) privilege of having 
Sir Walter Raleigh as its Mayor in 1588 & 1599.

The Countess of Desmond lived in the nearby castle, and died in 1604 
from falling out of a cherry tree at the estimated (by Raleigh) age of 140.


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> Yes! I have been there.
> There is one bell (ยข12cwt) looks about late 19thC English casting. It 
> has a vast inscription but is hung about 15 feet up, under the tower 
> roof. The fittings are shot to bits and the bell looked as if it could 
> fall out at any time. There is however, a massive pile of bird sh*t 
> below it which should cushion it's fall! The tower is massive but in 
> very poor shape indeed. I seem to remember multiple rope holes in the 
> stone floors if that's any help.
> I have some pictures somewhere.
> Matthew
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