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I have the Four Shires Guild's peal book with me at present (that compiled originally by the pre-War Guild), but can find no reference to a peal at Cherington in it at that time - or even at all. As the first peal for the Guild was on 2nd February 1910 at Great Wolford, ie 6 weeks earlier, and the fact that F Bird, E Randall and Walter Large were in it (Large conducted it, as at Cherington), plus Cherington is the neighbouring parish to Great Wolford, it has all the hallmarks of a FSG peal. However, some of the peals Large conducted around this time were credited to the Oxford Guild (he was originally from Burford and learnt to ring there), so someone with access to that Guild's early records might know something further on this.

The footnote that the Cherington peal was the first for F Bird and E Randall is very odd, considering they had rung in the Great Wolford peal a few weeks earlier. I notice Felstead describes the peal as in '2 methods', so he supposedly had information from a source other than Bell News. 

I can find no mention of T Male anywhere in the peal book, and only one entry for R Chapple, the latter seemingly as a strapper for the tenor at Todenham (tenor 12cwt!) behind a peal of Grandsire Doubles in May 1910.

On the other hand, the FSG peal book was pre-printed for peals, with the relevant details to be filled in. It would appear this book was provided in the 1920s, as the pages have the year for the date printed as 192-, with a space for the last digit to be inserted. For the early peals to be written up, the '2' of the date has been crossed through and a '1' placed alongside. Was an early peal was missed or the date incorrectly inserted? The late Tony Brazier did a lot of investigative work on the early FSG peals, from Bell News and local newspaprs, and compiled a separate listing, but I am aware he confirmed the first FSG peal as being at Great Wolford on 2/2/1910. This more-authoritive listing of the FSG peals contains no peal at Cherington on March 17th 1910.

I shall also be interested to know what transpires on this one, Mike.

Chris Povey

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  From the Bell News, 2 April 1910 p105:


  On Thursday, March 17, 1910, in Two Hours and Forty-seven Minutes



  Tenor 7 ½ cwt

  1. F. Bird

  2. R. C. Chapple

  3. E. Randall

  4. T. Male

  5. W. Large

  Conducted by W. Large

  First peal by all except the conductor, and first on the bells.

  No Association or method detail given.

  This is the only reference to Cherrington in the Bell News index, so there's no other clues, I'm afraid.

  Andrew Bull


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  Can anyone give me the details of a peal rung at Cherington, Warks on 17 Mar
  1910? It was not rung for the Warwickshire Guild, so I suspect it might
  have been Four Shires, perhaps!



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