YMCA Jerusalem (more) & G&J Brochure (1935)

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Dear Carl
You indicated that the G&J brochure you copied at the Anton Brees Library in Lake Wales, Florida mentions the Jerusalem carillon but does not devote a separate page to the instrument. I was resident Carillon Scholar at Bok Tower almost 30 years ago & I remember librarian Helena Caldwell presiding over a special file cabinet devoted to bellfoundry p.r. ("Don't get that out of order !"), but at this juncture, my memories of the material won't really help much...
I have only two (2) Gillett & Johnston advance brochures. The first is the grandiose production from 1935 (or possibly slightly later; 1935 is the most recent installation date included in the copy); the second is a very modest, spine-stapled general infomation booklet from 1949, with foreword by H. Michael Howard and photo of the Riverside Church bourdon on the cover.
I am no bibliographer, but I believe that back in the '30s, such sales brochures were literally 'bespoke' for each prospective customer, according to particular (bell) interest. Each copy would have been assembled by a foundry clerk from a stockpile of individually-printed, pre-punched sheets, with the letter codings & sectional/sequential numbers printed on the pages being the only apparent ordering system. Cetainly, my 1935 version is a hodge-podge of (often out-of-sequence) pages, compiled into a 'stock' cover & bound with two split-pins (''Premier Binder") through the pre-punched margin holes. I'm guessing the letter-coding was approximately as follows:  G-General Information; C-Carillon; R-Ringing Peals; TC-Tower Clocks; 123 (individual pages numbers without letter code) - general info "leftovers" from some other brochure production
I have assembled a quick description of the pages for comparison with your copy (see: attachment). 
NB: the pages appear on the list in exactly the same order as they are bound into my copy. I have given recto (R) and verso (V) for each page, with contents and photo descriptions. Hope this helps.
Timothy Hurd QSM CLJ OMLJ
National Carillonist of New Zealand
Director, National Carillon - Canberra, Australia

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