[Bell Historians] This weeks Ringing World

Sue Marsden erincaters at Ipqv44dzrMegGLo9t58v1l2ozvEVQlSpvThbXRfW0xjIyMwp6G6E72rkZkqNYw_TETWcoUQkf9AYJzlqhPT2.yahoo.invalid
Mon Jun 14 11:16:59 BST 2010

> > Around here - Somerton are generally described as a bad six spoiled. I don't think they're that bad.
> As I recall, these are an example of two decent trebles highlighting the fact that the other six are really not very good.
> David

After the England match I am fed up with being negative -how about
some good examples?
I put forward Hamerton, Hunts, where an old mixed 4 were augmented by
2 trebles from a redundant church and have made a very pleasant 6. And
Gressenhall are a pleasing 10 now.



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