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Mon Jun 21 19:05:29 BST 2010

Thank you all for the interesting and helpful advice. The fund-raising is in the earliest stages and this was just one of the ideas put forward. I think the idea was to find some relation between the actual cost of a bearing and the amount we could realistically ask for per bearing. This would be a rough guess on what "the market" would pay. We have actually asked for some quotes and the cost of the whole job is what Steven Stanford and others have suggested. Unfortunately the idea of a do-it-yourself job or any sort of voluntary input (apart from fund-raising) is completely out of the question as the tower and contents, including bells, are owned by the local District Council and the job will have to be channelled through them. Their insurance would not allow (and I don't think their officers would allow) the risk of letting amateurs loose on a project like this. Thank you all again for your help.


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