[Bell Historians] Open handstrokes

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Tue Jun 22 10:00:53 BST 2010

    On 22/06/2010 08:34, Peter Whisker wrote:
    > I thought that Stedman described it in Tintinnalogia in 1668?

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No, I appear to be talking nonsense :-)
Not at all...you just picked the wrong book
Stedman spends 3 pages on the matter in his book Campanalogia (pp 23, 24,25)
"in ringing a peal of 5 Bells from the fore-stroke of every note to the next forestroke of the same note, there ought to be eleven punctums or Beats of time, which are all suppposed to stand at aequidistances..."  The reason given for trying  this was because it was "pleasant to the ear"

Eddie Martin


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