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 Good stuff, any idea roughly the bell will weigh? I'd guess also the pitch is going to be some what higher than a bell metal bell of the same size, my experience with aluminium patterns for bells is that they are about a perfect fourth higher should that be so with this one?

David Godwin




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We nowhave the spec for the aluminium from the melted down tornado:
3% Copper
3% Zinc
0.46% Magnesium
0.89% Silicon
0.69% Iron
0.86% Nichol
0.01% Lead
0.01% Tin
0.08% Titanium
0.08% Chrome

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We are in theprocess of making a 60” diameter bell – how exciting I hear you cry– however it is to be cast in aluminium (aloominum for foreigncorrespondents) as it is for display rather than hearing.
I can’t findany fact or figures about aluminium bells to say whether this is the largest– anyone out there know?
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