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The original correspondent has provided this additional information:
"it is belongs to a confisianist temple located in surabaya city 
jagalan street surabaya, east java, indonesia. But I only know on the 
bell stated the brand n the year.the lenght around 50cm, widht 
diameter is around 30 something."

At 15:05 +0000 2010/03/01, Alan Buswell wrote:
>This might be the G&J bell, writing very bad, from an unnumbered 
>volume page 92.
>Sourabaya, presumed to be the Memorial Tower, Java.
>Serial No. 1661;  15" dia.; weight 0-3-0; May 1 1899.
>I may stand to be corrected.
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>This brief message was addressed to me via the
>GCNA Website. Looks like it might be a G&J bell
>from the small part of the inscription that's
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>I have found 1 of the bell 1899 located in indonesia surabaya city.
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