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Tue Mar 9 00:53:45 GMT 2010

A batch of ships' bells is coming up for auction 
at Bonhams Marine Sale in London on 24th 
March.  This includes the bell from Lord Mountbatten's ship - HMS Kelly.

Perhaps Romsey Abbey should make a bid for it.



Lot No: 10W
A Ship's Bell, HMS Kelly, 1938
Polished metal, with black infilled lettering and 
broad arrow on back. With clapper and decorative lanyard. 12in(31cm)diam.

Estimate: £2,500 - 3,500

HMS Kelly K Class Destroyer, pennant F01. Built 
by Hawthorne Leslie on the Tyne and commissioned 
in 1939, she initially served with the home 
fleet. Damaged twice in action, both of which 
required return trips to the dockyard, she was 
torpedoed by a German E boat during the Battle of 
Norway in May 1940, only just managing to limp 
back to the Tyne, where she was decommissioned 
for extensive repairs. Recommissioned in 
December, after working up trails in the channel, 
she sailed for the Mediterranean, arriving in 
Malta in April 1941. On the 23rd May 1941, during 
the Battle of Crete, she was attacked by Stuka 
dive bombers and sank. During her entire career 
she was under the command of Lord Louis Mountbatten, who survived the sinking.

This bell was removed when decommissioned in late 
1940, and was not returned on board when Kelly sailed for the Mediterranean.


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