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Tue Mar 16 00:13:20 GMT 2010

At 17:51 15/03/2010, DrL wrote:

>I can't see it being abolished, but it may have less money to grant to
>restorations.  So it will still have the capacity to interfere without
>the means to make financial contributions: lose lose situation.

True - but I don't think EH is particularly well known for granting 
money directly to bell projects.  It might be interesting to have 
some hard figures on that if anyone on the list knows.  Are they not 
famous for being "careless with other people's money" (CJP) when it 
comes to giving "advice" and stating their "preferences" in relation 
to bell work?

Even so, it is regrettable that historic churches stand to lose out 
on funding for other basic restoration work, albeit money that 
invariably comes with nasty strings attached.

Some of EH's recent exotic schemes - the gardens at Kenilworth and 
the restoration (for private use) of a wilfully neglected country 
house in Northants. appear to have been an outrageous misuse of public money.

Unless Mr. Thurley was a member of the Bullingdon club he must be 
quite worried about his job right now.



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