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I'll have to plead the classic "I'm away from home at the moment, and thus don't have access to my detailed records."  However, the GCNA Website does show that 16 G&J bells remain now (12 from 1925 and 4 from 1931).  Since Vanbergen extended the instrument from 72 to 74 bells, they could have supplied at most 58, replacing at most 56 of the original G&J bells.

I don't remember whether Tim Hurd pulled out any G&J bells when he replaced all of the Vanbergens with Whitechapels.  If he did, it was no more than 2 bells, because I'm certain that the number left by Vanbergen was less than 20 - either 18 or 16.  So Vanbergen replaced at least 54, and possibly 56.

Sorry I can't be more helpful at the moment!  I'll be back home in a week, and will be able to give a better answer then.

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Riverside, New YorkCan anyone tell me how many of the original G&J bells were replaced by Van Bergen in 1956.

And no the GCNA site does not tell you!.


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