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Its not that simple. There are a good selection of bell hanging companies, and to an extent they will help specify and hang bells from the continent, Whitechapel, Taylors or 2 other foundry's and in some cases offer there own tuning or have the bells tuned by the founder.
even within the 2 main foundries, there is a selection of profiles, and exactly who does the tuning will make a difference.
Anyway, Jim when you lived in London I doubt you shopped at Harrods??
Cost matters.



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	Then I think your decision is made.  Go to a different company!

I have followed this discussion with interest . For my own tower Whitechapel have recently cast two trebles to make up to eight , and the firm have been a pleasure to deal with . I think it should be made clear that Whitechapel are not charging for every estimate . To turn down a firm over an £80 charge strikes me as being very shortsighted . Unfortunately Knightsbridge is a long way from where I live , but given the chance I'd sooner shop at Harrods rather than Tesco's .
Jim Shepard

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