[Bell Historians] Fort William

Richard Smith richard at F319ub0nJKiypJjb-OCzwAtWRVmNoGsyFWLgEpA7TcB4FQ5gnnNgbubE_eGXEaV-oIDU7M8bgmpZz87LasAi.yahoo.invalid
Wed Mar 24 11:21:08 GMT 2010

Mike wrote:

> I have been asked for information about the bells at St 
> Mary's Church, Fort William. Can anyone help?  Is this the 
> R.C. church, perhaps?

Dove claims the unringable four are in St Andrew's, which is 
the dedication of the Episcopal church there.  The Catholic 
church is dedicated to St Mary.  From memory, there are four 
churches in Fort William with towers that look substantial 
enough to house a light four, and it's possible that one of 
the others may be dedicated to St Andrew too.



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