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Clearly the OUS and the ODG have the matter in hand, more power to their elbow.

Clearly, if the authorities have their way, nothing will have changed for nearly sixty years when the criminal removal and destruction of "The Marlborough Bells", the octave at St Helen's, Worcester, took place.

Whilst different local authorities arrive at as many different conclusions as different dioceses, it appears to me that there is developing a case for local associations to negotiate with parishes and dioceses and even the Church Commissioners, and if a ring or chime of bells is at risk - i.e. the building is not going to the CCT or similar Trust, then to petition to remove the bells, fittings and (if appropriate) frame by Faculty.

Good luck to the Oxford folk.

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  At 21:11 on 30 March 2010, David Willis wrote:

  > It would appear that these bells could be lost to our use as the church is
  > being converted into an archive storage. The City authorities are unwilling
  > for the bells to be removed, and when the Church conversion is completed 
  > this would not be possible except through the roof.
  > 1   1874   M & S
  > 2   1677   Richard Keene
  > 3   1677   Richard Keene
  > 4   1641   Ellis Knight
  > 5   1620   Henry Knight
  > 6   1726   Rudhall  + 1721 Sanctus

  The OUS, the OS and the ODG are all aware of the situation and are
  doing their best to arrive at a solution with the various interested

  John Camp

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