[Bell Historians] EH - The QUANGO axe

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The problem isn't English Heritage itself.  It is there to a job that needs
doing, ensuring the survival of historic buildings for future generations.
The difficulty we have is a specific one: the way it interprets that role in
relation to church bells and their fittings, which it sees as artefacts
rather than musical instruments.  It's up to us to put forward an approach
which protects all the relevant interests.

Peter Rivet

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  Look on the bright side, EH might have been axed and the government come
up with something worse!


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  Very disappointing to learn that EH has survived, and the QUANGO axe has
fallen a little short!

       English Heritage
       Retain - Retain on grounds of performing a technical function which
should remain independent from Government

  I'd rather hoped that the government might dig a little deeper into their
activities and consider whether and how they deliver 'value for money' in
the current climate. So perhaps now is the time to be offering suggestions
for further cost reduction opportunities to our MPs (possibly more effective
than indulging in debates with EH at expensive London venues). If the
details (and cost) of some recent cases with bells were more widely known, I
am not sure there would be many votes for continuing to support that
particular kind of expenditure / tax redistribution as a priority, or yet
frustrating what is often voluntary work and contributions by the 'Big


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