1806 bell might be English

Carl Scott Zimmerman csz_stl at y-38NbczEMTqQkScWFkug8s1FzNwaiHpDU-AWccSyf5psAGQ9QMR8fnib0TaXBDBcmtC-mCk_xNkNkw.yahoo.invalid
Tue Oct 26 03:55:04 BST 2010

News article:

An 1810 building contains a bell cast in 1806.  From the visible 
inscription "Ship Benson" it appears to have been a ship's bell 
originally.  Click on the photo in the article to see a larger 

I'm writing to the author of the article to see whether any more 
information is available about the invisible parts of the bell's 
inscription, and will share with y'all any findings.



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