[Bell Historians] Riverside Carillon.

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Unless the originals still exist, elsewhere (as implied in Jill 
Johnstons book). Has anyone manged to check this yet??


Presumably it is not possible to check this now as the top octaves of 
the carillon have been recast to a different profile. 


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Would 5 7/8" be the strike diameter at the thickest part of the sound 
bow? would your informant be able to check this?

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That's precisely what I'm wanting to know. G&J says diameter is 5 7/8 
inches, actual outside measurement, as measured by my informant - 7 
inches. The former measurement being the inside.

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Hoe very odd, Hoe on earth can you sensibly determine an inside 
diameter at the lip the shape being a curve?
sounds an implaudable explanation.

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My attention has been drawn to the fact that there may be two ways of 
measuring a bell's diameter. Bell No.7 of the G&J Riverside Carillon, 
weighing only 15lbs, has been measured as 7" (no typo error)on the 
outside (lip to lip)but in the G&J Tuning Books it is given as 5 7/8". 
The measurements have been checked by my informer and shows the smaller 
measurement to be that of the INSIDE of the bell. What of the other 
bells here, I wonder?

Is this the usual practice of Cyril or may be anyone else?



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