Frederick Ouseley and St Barnabas Pimlico

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Tue Apr 5 21:14:03 BST 2011

I've been reading "In Tuneful Accord" by Trevor Beeson, in it there is a
chapter devoted to Frederick Ouseley, an important figure in the history of
British church music.  Ouseley had private means and was a great benefactor
to the church, perhaps most famously for the establishment of St Michael's
College at Tenbury. He is mentioned on the inscription of the tenor bell at
St Barnabas Pimlico.

The book reads:

 "In 1849 he became curate at St Paul's Knightsbridge in London - a church
markedly influenced by the Oxford Movement. He arrived in the parish when a
new St Barnabas district church was about to be consecrated in Pimlico and
lived in the nearby clergy house with three other curates."

It goes on to say that he and his colleagues were driven out by protestant
extremists, so purchased a large house near Windsor, took the choir boys
from Pimlico into residence and began twice-daily sung cathedral-style
services in his private chapel, a precursor to St Michael's College,

No ground breaking discoveries, just something interesting to share to the


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