Bells that never were ...

radiosteve999 yahoogroups at
Wed Apr 6 17:22:47 BST 2011

This is my first post to this fascinating group so please be gentle with me and accept advanced apologies for my random ramblings!

I've always been intrigued by structures that appear to have been built with bells in mind and yet have seemingly never acquired any.

One example local to me would be Stourbridge Old Library which has a beautiful clock tower topped with a cupola that's just screaming for an hour bell to be hung in it but as far as I'm aware it's never actually had one (unless someone here knows differently).

I've seen other similar examples around the country, mainly municipal buildings rather than churches I suppose, and wondered what the story is. Have bells originally installed subsequently been removed for some reason or are they 'bells that never were' so to speak?

I'm guessing it's quite a common situation so just wondered what the thoughts of others would be on the subject.



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