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Sat Apr 9 12:52:09 BST 2011

--- In bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "Matthew Higby & Company Ltd, www.bellhangers.com" <matthewhigby at ...> wrote:
> All you need is a few bits of inner tube, some marbles and some 
> araldite adhesive. Cut the inner tube rubber into strips and mount the 
> marbles on one side using araldite. Then mount one rubber/marble each 
> side of the pit so the bell collides with the marble on the way up, and 
> slilently brushes past it on the way down. Mini ring clappers made easy!
> Matthew

That is a damn good idea and so simple!

I've been playing around with the bell fixed to the upper wheel, so that the bell swings round toards the bottom of the pit, it hits a pivoted clapper-more trouble than its worth.

The marble and inner tube idea sounds great- I've got plenty of old inner tubes, I will get cracking once I acuire some marbles.



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