[Bell Historians] More Useless info (G&J this time)

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Unfortunately, in their Tuning Books, no mention is made to any clapper control mechanism.

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  Following my useless info question at Christmas about diagonal bell frames, I come up with another for Easter!

  Gillett & Johnstons' clapper control mechanism (patent no 30114) is fitted to and in working order in the Tenor at Christchurch Bradford on Avon (G&J 1923). Whilst I know of some other examples (Houghton le Spring bells 1/8 and 2/8 (working), Southampton St Michael 10/10 (disused in arms pit under bell) and Preshute 6/6 (disused, missing gravity toggles from arms)), my question is this this: how many other examples of this G&J mechanism are there in bells up and down the country and were they only ever fitted to G&J cast bell or did they sometimes put them in bells by other founders which they had rehung?


  P.S. DON'T enter into how it works, I seam to remember a LONG and heated discussion about that a few years back!

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