[Bell Historians] Cost of 1669 Bell Metal

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Subject: Re: [Bell Historians] Cost of 1669 Bell Metal

Dickon Love wrote:

> Does anyone have a feeling for the value of bell metal in 
> 1669. I have discovered a reference to £38-3-10 of good 
> bell metal and £8-0-0 of coarse bell metal having been 
> retrieved from St Magnus the Martyr after the Great Fire 
> of London, and I am trying to get a handle on how much 
> metal that represents.

>From the churchwardens accounts, St Deny, Warminster, Wiltshire


	Payd out for five bell ropes this yeare
This year the cannings of the great bell broken by mischance was sold to
John Lott for £5.13.4 at 10d the pound with the proviso that when ever the
parish had occasion to use so much mettell he should be redie to furnish
them with as much and as good and at the same price. 

Payd John Lott [son of above] for the casting of the fourth bell weigh 17
hundred one quarter and 
    10 pound at 20d per lb  £14/4/6

Allowing for the waste at four pounds to the hundred at 9 pence the pound

Memorandum November 2nd 1737. The new Tenor Bell cast by Abel Rudhall at
Gloucester was hung up in the
                          c   qrs   lb               lb
tower; weight    27  2   13  or   3093

The agreement for casting this bell was made on the second day of July 1737,
between Abel Rudhall and   
John French Churchwarden, after the following articles: Abel Rudhall to
deliver the   bell at Bristol, sound and tuneable, at fourteen Pence and
three farthings for every Pound weight; to ?new clapper the new bell and to
have the old clapper; to find and pay a man to hang up the new Bell in the
Tower, the Parishioners finding the material for the doing of it; And to
warrent the bell sound and good for Twelve Months and one Day after the same
shall be hung up in the tower. John French to deliver the old bell at
Bristol, at twelve Pence for every Pound weight, and to pay the sd  Abel
Rudhall the Difference of the Acct at the Expiration of the twelve months
and one day mentioned above.
                               New bell wd 3093 at 14¾d per lb 	£190/1/9
			  Old Bell wd 2815 at 12d per lb


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