[Bell Historians] Cost of 1669 Bell Metal

Robert Lewis editor at P8hyqP6iULQ8c-rwr8ZX93f5IgUj7SIu-ZXZf5UM4R66lX-CILhXprB7AU_v_eY4hmKplCaEN2aNQRxmtukFl1361aI.yahoo.invalid
Thu Feb 17 13:10:42 GMT 2011

At 12:55 17/02/2011, CP wrote:

>DRL "Would they be the Copper Coppers?"
>Or, if successful, might they be Nicker Nickers?

Closely alloyed to the Brass Nicker Arse Kickers, no doubt!

Potential for a 'Have I Got News For You' headline there.

But steady on chaps ... this is a serious list!

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