[Bell Historians] Does anyone know where this may have come from?

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Fri Feb 25 13:14:35 GMT 2011

Been to see the bell.

The bell has no inscription which poses a problem!

Headstock is useful.

On one side:  John Taylor & Co
                    878   1

On the other side: Loughbrough

The bell diameter is 23 1/2''

The rope that appears in the photo is a 'ringing rope' but is only 33' long above the sally. Hard to work out where the rope passed through the garter hole as everything was damp and stiff.

2 sets of pullies are also supplied: a single and double set.

Everything has been painted black, including the stay. The stay has been wedged and has a nick cut out of the top which suggests it was rung for full circle ringing.

The cataloge says bell and wheel - there once was a wheel attached to the headstock but this appears to be broken off. However, there is a wheel with a 69 1/2'' diameter.  This does not belong to this bell as it is complete.  It has no indication of maker or whether it was part of a set.  Like the bell and fittings it is painted black.

Peter mentioned a Gressenhall museum connection - leaning against the wheel is an old tressle table top with laminated pictures of bellringing and and bell casting. Clearly something has been on public view.

Hope this helps the detective work.

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  The usual data required:



  Any Job Number & date on the canon retaining headstock?


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       A cast bell - John Taylor, foundry, Loughborough with its wheel etcError! Filename not specified.
       £1300 - £1950


  Saleroom 1 & Meadow


  26 February 2011

  Start Time


  Bidding Deadline

  26 February 2011 09:30


  Carl Willows
  Robert Kinsella

  Total Lots


  2 auctioneers will be selling simultaneously from 10am. One on the Salemeadow first half Lots 8001 - 8499. One for Salemeadow second half, Car Park, Back Pens and Saleroom 1 Lots 8500 -9073 

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