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Sun Feb 27 06:01:53 GMT 2011

I thought you would like to see this message from Mike Clayton, posted on
our ANZAB Yahoo list this morning:

>From the ringers at ChristChurch Cathedral in New Zealand we are pleased to
report that we are all safe and unharmed after the recent earthquake. You
will know that the Cathedral has suffered serious damage, including the
destruction of the top portion of the bell tower. As far as we can tell, the
bells, or what remains of them, are in a pile of rubble inside the tower. We
do not expect to be able to make any inspection soon as the Central Business
District is closed and will remain so for some time.

Some of you have offered financial support and for this we are most
grateful. Once we are able to do so we will be setting up a channel for
these donations and we ask you to retain them until then.

In the meantime to the many people who have sent us supporting messages
thank you so much. These messages are a real help and comfort to us and are
much appreciated.

We are keeping in touch with everyone via the Internet and it has been good
to be able to distribute these messages to everyone.

Mike Clayton

Mandy Spearing
Deputy Master

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