[Bell Historians] Horton Glos old tenor

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Mon Jan 3 13:20:42 GMT 2011

Thanks to those who have replied so far. I have inspected the bell
personally, and checked all current references, including Bliss & Sharpe's
Gloucestershire and John Scott's writings on the Exeter foundry.


Andrew Bull



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Sorry, as a PS to my mail, I should have mentioned that this was the only
inscription on the bell. It is possible that Ms Mary Bliss could shed some
light as to why Robert Norton of Exeter was considered by herself and the
very knowledgeable Frederick Sharpe to be the likely founder. Is the
Inscription an element of his "modus  operandi"?

Henry Taysom

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If it is of any help, the inscription on the old Tenor is as follows:-





Henry Taysom

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Subject: [Bell Historians] Horton Glos old tenor
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Does anyone know if the founder of the old tenor at Horton, Gloucestershire,
has been positively identified? Bliss & Sharpe strongly suggest that it is
by Robert Norton of Exeter, but stated that this awaited verification by
John Scott. Did this ever happen?

Many thanks,

Andrew Bull

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