[Bell Historians] Moulding wires - pattern encoding

Chris Pickford c.j.pickford.t21 at hvvOzFau57bLeeI0GEy5d449vkB-58VO6aYIYuJvtNle3Os5Rfdwds_f0c1QcmJG55Yyz60tI0j9Q-6ZVeb7oaRZR2tyoA.yahoo.invalid
Tue Jan 18 09:07:07 GMT 2011

Just to return to Carl's point, I do use "0" to indicate the omission of moulding wires, so a bell without mouldings on the crown and soundbow might be shown as 0,1-1,2,0

This, as he says, removes any doubt as to the position of the mouldings that are present

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