[Bell Historians] Method name

Sue Marsden erincaters at aiTUcSqMy0Lsc1GYccJ8vgDj_fbyLMr5SUjIngAEw951TYnStkdrAoNmDoBwFk6I-D4UVIWCb_5stWuOsggB16M.yahoo.invalid
Thu Jan 20 15:24:27 GMT 2011

On 20 January 2011 14:37, John Harrison <john at hnF7hyNh5W-Z1Q9bV1dhve7Y_5HYOk_VzuXVP6y_2I8mpD1-x2kQbqDk2RfJOCPoGTllewZoVqcimwp8Og.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me when and where Primrose S Minor was first rung?
> Kingsland in 1959, but the Major was rung at Edenham in 1932.

1950, actually, according to Felstead, but that only refers to when
the first peal was rung. I was wondering if it had been rung as a 720
before that. Hayden has sort of answered my question, I think! I shall
have to get a copy of Forbidden Methods.



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