[Bell Historians] old bells at Winchester Cathedral

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These are five bells from the old ring of eight. Sold c1870s to Didlington,
Norfolk, and rescued in the 1970s by David Beacham's enterprise. The sixth
bell is from redundant Worcester church St Paul's Bedwardine (I think) over
the river. It was, for a while, in New St Martin's Worcester (built 1910/11)
in a hut in the churchyard.


The two bells from St Peter's Sidbury Worcester (demolished 1970s) are in
the Cathedral's Teaching Centre. All details in Dove on line.


CJP has the accurate details of course.




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It is Worcester rather than Winchester and the bells have been there for
quite some time.



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I've been watching youtube videos of pancake races and came across this one
from 2009, run by the choristers at Winchester Cathedral. They run past an
exhibit of bells with canon loops on top. Is the display still there?
The bells first appear at about 0:30.
Laura Dickerson


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