[Bell Historians] Was Stedman really from Yarkhill?

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Thu Jun 16 07:43:44 BST 2011

I meant 1656, of course!

There are recent accounts of Duckworth (who has also been wrongly identified in the past) too, in: 

"The Reverend Richard Duckworth of Hartest" by R.W.M. Clouston in Ringing World 16 March 1973 p.216 

"The Reverend Richard Duckworth 1650-1706" [and commemorations at Steeple Aston, Oxon, on the 300th anniversary of his death] by Diana Gardner and Graham Clifton in Ringing World 14 July 2006 pp.661-2; followed by letters from John Eisel, Michael Day and Bruce Wakefield in Ringing World 21 July 2006 p.691 and further letter from John Eisel in Ringing World 4 August 2006 p.738

Biographical account of Richard Duckworth in Chapter one "The Beginnings of Change Ringing" in John C. Eisel Giants of the Exercise: Some Notable Ringers of the Past (CCCBR, 1997) p[no pagination]

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