[Bell Historians] St Peter's, Wisbech

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> Further to Chris' comments, Raven's book also says that the original peal
> was in the key of F.   The dates 1566, 1608 and 1640 were noted in
> Raven's 1882 Supplement to CB Cambridgeshire.

Damn.  Bitten again by the fact I only have access to a 
(copy of a) first edition.

> The Supplement quotes Watson's History of Wisbech pp 243 
> and 435.

Excellent; thanks for that.  I do have easy access to that. 
It was published in 1827 (i.e. four years after the new 
bells were cast).  On p.243 he says "There used to be a peal 
of eight bells, where were re-cast in the year 1823, when 
the present esteemed vicar, the Rev. A. Jobson, D.D. gave 
two additional ones at his own expense, making ten, which 
send forth a sonorous peal on all joyous occasion. 
Previously, the oldest bore date A.D. 1566, another 1608, 
and a third 1640."  But I can't see anything about bells on 
> I give up!   What is the VCH?

The Victoria History of the Counties of England (more 
commonly called the Victoria County History).


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