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Sue Marsden erincaters at Zas8Z7dDWtIPXHv3EkBJxGPvUao9dU3kWWz1Y74xe4qzOlrm_bVRasDVZHpH7aQfKpGdZrBklFzEZMiCW91t.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jun 22 15:24:44 BST 2011

I am sure some on this list will have access to old editions of Dove
-pre 1971. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to look up the
entries from the first edition through to 1971 for Dullingham and
Stetchworth. Dullingham were rung until the late 1950/early 60s but
sometime between then and 1971 the tower was declared unsafe and
chiming apparatus installed. This was possibly due to the vicar at the
time not being too keen on the  bells as they probably needed a bit of
work doing on them, so went for the 'tower not safe' option and a
cheap chiming fix. There are a couple of cracks on the inside stair
wall but it does not appear that there was a proper structural test of
the tower. I had hoped to look up details in the reports from that
era, but they only give a list of towers with members and nothing
more! Our reports today give so much more information than they used
Pictures can be seen at
but again I forgot to take my notebook up the tower so didn't record
which bell was which as I photographed them. Must do better next time!


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