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 From the YACR peal database, I can report that George Hill rang in 29 
peals for the Yorkshire Association between 1912 & 1926.
His first was 7 TB Minor at Wath upon Dearne on 03 Feb 1912, and his 
last was of Oxford TB Major at Batley on 20 June 1926. He is given as 
being a member of the Hoylandswaine band in 1912, having joined the 
Association there in 1910 so I'm not sure he learnt at Hemsworth.
Not sure this of general interest, but if youwant George I can provide 
more details.


On 22/06/2011 09:08, George Dawson wrote:
> I have recently met a descendent of the above, who would like more 
> details of his ringing career.
> All she knows is that he learnt to ring at Hemsworth  before moving to 
> Penistone,&hedied young in 1926.
> Any help gratefully received.
> George
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