[Bell Historians] Publication of 'De Tintinnabulis' including an English translation

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Alan,how are you going?Yes I would like to buy the book DE Tintinnabulis from you.Can I pay for it in Australian dollars.I do have some pounds sterling if needed but would the postage be the same,air mail? Ron Shepherd
 PS how is Valery going?

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Hello Everyone,
De Tintinnabulis is a book about bells.  Notes were prepared by Hieronymus Magius, an Italian, whilst in prison in Constantinople.  He was executed by the Turks in 1572. 
A Dutchman took the notes, written in Latin, and published the book in Amsterdam in 1608. 
The book was mentioned in the forword to Tintinnalogia.   This  facsimile copy was taken from the 1664 edition.
The Latin has been translated by Dr. Ann Martin, wife of Eddy Martin.  Both the original Latin and the English translation are included on the same page with the English slightly off-set.
The A5 sized book has 200+ pages and includes 12 illustrations of early bells and towers.   It is hard covered and was printed on acid free paper.
Priced at GBP49.95 including postage.
Available from:-
Ellis Publications
12937 99th Ave.,
Surrey, B.C.
V3T 1E6
Tel. 604-584-7881
E-Mail alan_ellis at 5hdIMV63ZbI6cnmXvJDpmEx8_bXCTNzqOgO-I5asDZG69TAcGKoyHUwq5r-pgS-YxyKmARmsd4Vk52n0zQ.yahoo.invalid
ps  CB Shropshire is progressing

Alan Ellis

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