Old rope guide

Sue Marsden erincaters at uDg2KldmMTjmdk7L5SS-ARUh1MwTlgnEEAo1b3ydXu-ijCxWcKX9IKoO3oRZz1yfAcMdjsh-f6bc4hDgn-t8mQ.yahoo.invalid
Wed Jun 29 14:02:29 BST 2011

Attached are a couple of photos of the old rope guide at Burrough
Green, derelict 5 in SE Cambs. I didn't get to see the bells yesterday
as I was on my own so even had the vicar realised the ladder had a
padlocked guard when she arranged for the church to be left open I
wouldn't have risked going up the ladder on my own as the friend who
was coming couldn't make it.

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