[Bell Historians] Bellfounding in India

Peter Rivet peter at qUegkYvXrWmDkHwNv3dVVlZViDz8bUqvUM8u7PC6n1bMxSEAtqpLDvhoCZWdScnAAp6YVzY7fxiAEhQN8Q.yahoo.invalid
Sat Mar 5 08:41:33 GMT 2011

Last month while I was in India I was told about a bell foundry there which
advertises in the church press.  It's in the far south, rather than in
Kolkata where I was staying, but I have since found its web site which is:


There's also a couple of videos on youtube which are worth watching as they
provide insights into the way that medieval European founders worked:


Peter Rivet

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