[Bell Historians] Bells filled with ale

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I have just been to see the rehung bells at Dent, which are due to be
dedicated on 19 June, and apparently on its return from Whitechapel the
treble was partly filled with beer from the Dent brewery.  There was too
much for the people directly involved in the project but some passing
cyclists were happy to finish it up.

Peter Rivet

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        > Bells filled with ale ... may have happened elsewhere.

        I came across a reference to it somewhere in Oxon/Berks, but can't

        John Harrison

        It's Blewbury.  The 7th was cast by Edward Read 1752 . When it
returned from Aldbourne in 1753 it was dedicated by being  "set upside down
in a hole in front of the School and filled with beer, and many of the
company were exceedingly intoxicated therewith"

        Sharpe Church Bells of Berkshire page 37.


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