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And in many cases ownership of these buildings is in the hands of a
specially created Limited Liability Company or LLP with token limited funds
so the LA is unlikely to recover any costs.




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Looks good, doesn't it - but there's a sting in the tail.  The owner can
turn round and serve a purchase notice on the local authority, in effect
saying "I can't afford to do up the building - do it yourselves!".  Few
local authorities are in a position to take on and restore difficult
buildings like this, especially at the moment.  So it's hardly ever used.  


For any historic building to have a long term future it has to have a viable
end use.  Church to residential conversions are difficult and expensive to
do.  They rarely make much money - and in my opinion a lot of them don't
work very well either, either in terms of the living accommodation they
provide or in terms of preserving the character of the original building.  


Peter Rivet



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