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Indeed, an excellent resource


It reminds me that there are details lacking on Dove of a well-known Sussex
tower - Rye. Dove simply gives the founders as Lester & Pack 1775 for all
the bells, and a tenor weight of 19-2-2. On p296 of the Bell News of
18/6/1886 an article gives the inscriptions, and states that the weights are
given on a tablet in the tower. It does not give the weights, but quotes the
tenor as 19-0-17, which is what peal reports of the time also give.


Taylors rehung the bells in a new composite frame in 1897, but the records
available to me suggest that the bells did not leave the tower. There is a
photo of the bells here:




Clearly, the bells have been rehung by Eayre & Smith in fairly recent times,
and it looks as if all the canons have been removed. Anyone have any


Andrew Bull



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I've just rediscovered an excellent site I'd forgotten about.


Thanks to Mike Fradd and all the other people who readily make such
information available-it is appreciated.


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