A Short handstroke

David Willis dcwillispiano at zoPTw5vVj43LPmvN2hEiXez974pJ69P8kw4VqB9Za52eZ1nIHvFc7COp9fJaSfGbkO6Cwi6kozGrjD4ayNYdhSc.yahoo.invalid
Fri May 6 13:25:31 BST 2011

A bell in our group is suspected of having a short handstroke . My thought is that this is something that can be measured with the bell down ( of course ).

If a line is taken from the garter hole to the gudgeon and another from the gudgeon to the pulley an angle is formed between the two . Too little resulting in a short handstroke . 

Am I correct please and if so what is accepted to be the correct angle ?

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