Barnoldswick DVD

fartwell2000 alanjbirney at
Sat May 7 08:11:26 BST 2011

A rerun of the Barnoldswick bells and dedication DVD has just been completed.

The DVD shows the dedication Service, as well as ringing on the new ring and bands of guest ringers.

There are slide shows of the removal of the bells, work down at Taylors and the installation of the new ring, plus there is footage of one of the new bells being cast.

The DVD was made by The Reverb Factory and could be used possibly to show what is involved when rehanging or augmenting a ring-there is work in the tower being shown, consturction of frame, hanging, etc.

The DVD is on sale at £7.50 per copy (picked up in person), or a couple of quid more with postage and packing on top, and all proceeds go to our augmentation fund.

If anyone would like a copy by post, the please email me at alanjbirney at

Cash or cheque payment is fine, but if paying by cheque, then please make it payable to "the Ghyll bells group".

I can also confirm that in addition to the weekend fundraising event on Fri 22nd July and Sat 23rd July,2011 (to raise money for the augmentation and to raise funds for the new eight in Blackburn), that in the summer of 2012, there will be a mini ring day (like the events held in Liss) being held in Barnoldswick and all proceeds go to Barnoldswick augmentation and the new ring of eight at St Jude, Blackburn. All mini ring exhibitors welcome. There will also be some stall space available for rent, should anyone like to sell something.



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