[Bell Historians] Deadrope Ringing

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Tue May 10 15:40:13 BST 2011

Yes, I see.

So am I right in thinking Chris that the setup shown in the wiki 
diagrams is broadly representative of your scheme of tying a chord round 
the wheel?

Except perhaps in that the rope apears to leave the 5/8 wheel at 
slightly beyond 12 o'clock.

Steve Powell.

In message <C324106F253F4DF48E4EBEAD0E895BB3 at DCQ2262J>, Chris Pickford 
<c.j.pickford.t21 at YDlG8f__nfJqsvTeZqyF7dr0kABXq5tWDfza5UBLyujuiYrps-CEIphXKyIYHQ_naTqIn2WXuqM24c8JGugyC-ewHwCtUdA.yahoo.invalid> writes
>The Wiki file highlighted by Steve Powell is useful, but shows the
>"doctored" version of deadrope ringing WITH a handstroke - and it is
>really a hybrid or transitional stage between deadrope and modern
>full-circle ringing (and yes, matching the Tintinnalogia description).
>The rope leaving the wheel at 12 o'clock is a "purer" version of the
>original form - and does, of course behave differently from the moving
>image version in the Wiki file

Steve Powell


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