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Have a careful look at the "normal" position for 
a garter hole, there may be a notch in the 
shrouds or a little "cotton real" thing there.
at one time a hole at 12 o'clock with a leather 
fillet tie or a pin fitted to give a rope 
attachment point in the normal place, was 

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Interestingly, but probably not that unusually, 
all five of the old bell wheels at Canewdon have 
the garter holes at the 12 o-clock position when 
the bells are down. (As they have been for 107 
years now.)
Two of the bell wheels are dated 1716 and it is 
known from the bell invoice that the wheel that 
looks the newest on the 4th was supplied new 
with the bell in 1791. Although there are 
several invoices and receipts for repairs to the 
others there are no new wheels listed in the 
accounts, so it is assumed that the remaining 
two wheels pre-date the early 1690's when the 
detailed accounts start. They also look the 
oldest of the five but are more substantial in 
construction than the later wheels.

Brian Meldon


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