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> http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=74437
> Try this link instead! 
> The first sequences show three bells with wooden headstocks, short canons and ball bearings.  The fact that there are three bells in a row suggests a ten or twelve bell frame layout.  To the left there seems to be the bracing for a second tier of bells.  The later sequences show two bells hung above which look like products of the Whitechapel bell foundry.  A ten made into twelve?
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You could well be right.

It seems that British Pathe "news reels" seemed to contain a fair amount of bells for the period of time they were run.

Don't know it it has been archived or not, but British Pathe did a short item on one of the mini rings that was in existance in Balscote. 

I haven't seen the footage, but have seen reference to it a long time ago. Charlie Jarvis is interviewed and there is footage of the ring, I understand, though I don't know it it was his ring of handbells, a ring of of his collection of bells, or if it was the G&J/Whitechapel ring.



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