[Bell Historians] St. James Garlickhythe

Dickon Love dickon at LRdrrtIS5SSHmqyDB91z-XlJ4YKkgESBjSYkGBroUIMjgtnlUqTojfPpSpCwA_68Ed_HmuGqb9R2Qg.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 19 08:43:17 BST 2011

"Does anyone know any more details about this project and whether the bells
will be hung for ringing at St. James Garlickhythe?"

I have been working on delivering a new ring of 8 bells, tenor just over 9
cwt, for St James' Garlickhythe.  At some stage in the planning, Whitechapel
and I were approached by the Diamond Jubilee Pageant Trust who wanted some
bells for the pageant, and we decided that these bells could be used.  They
will therefore be hung for ringing on a barge leading the flotilla and then
subsequently hung in a new frame in the tower of St James'.  Should be



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