Saw Pit Frame

Mike Chester mike at
Wed May 25 21:23:45 BST 2011

There has been this query on Change Ringers

We have a local ringer who thinks he is an expert in bell hanging. 
He keeps talking in reports to his PCC about "saw pit frames", and
how bad they are for the tower. 

	The churchwarden there has just asked me what a saw pit frame is.
I'm struggling to give him an answer. Can anyone help. 
	Ernie dLR 
 Ernie de Legh-Runciman 

My instant reaction is that the local ringer is talking absolute twaddle.  Saw pits are just places where trees are cut into, erm, other things, such as planks and beams, aren't they?   Before I reply to this effect .........



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