[Bell Historians] St John the Evangelist, Folkton, nr. Filey, N. Yorkshire

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at VWIBBuY9xUpLv-SMoXzIkHrtmTbA5Gntszuf5bi2Whs6SJu3NqvBaH0Kv8GvKLdYdyW0AzVS_Zs22_Ya34WlUQ.yahoo.invalid
Thu May 26 22:57:56 BST 2011

From: Roderic Bickerton
Its all in fair condition(2003) but a swing chime. There are tie rods across 
the inside of the pit ends, the clapper flights hit these.
A little re-engineering would make them a ringable 3, but its not likely to 

In addition I gather the garter holes are on the opposite side of the wheels 
to the pulleys and the pulleys are at right-angles to the wheels. Also the 
clappers are only hooked on and would fall out if swung too high. Other than 
that.... the potential is there!


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