[Bell Historians] Saltfleetby All Saints

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Mon May 30 20:25:49 BST 2011

From: Ted Steele
A recent submission to the Churchcrawlers list illustrates Saltfleetby
All saints, a redundant Lincolnshire church in the care of the Churches
Conservation Trust. One picture shows three bells chained together in
the empty nave and it is said that another can be seen through a
trapdoor in the tower.

The National Bell Register shows five bells, all by John III Harrison of
1799 and these would be the five listed in my 3rd edition Dove (1962) as
apparently ringable except for an unsafe tower (it leans considerably).
The eighth edition of 1994 has them as "chiming only" but they have
disappeared altogether from the 9th edition of 2000 and are not included
in a list in that edition of CCT churches with bells. I expected to find
them on Towerbase, which includes many lost rings, but they are not
there either. I discovered from the list of lost rings on the Keltek
site that the bells were rehung for chiming only in 1975, which solves
the mystery of why I couldn't find them elsewhere, but I wonder now;
when and why were three of them taken down, and are the other two still
in the tower? I expect someone on the list will know.


The Harrison five are still in the tower. The three bells on the floor are 
from the nearby redundant church of Skidbrooke.


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